About Me

Meagan Adams is a lifestyle, natural light family and child photographer who lives in the Chicago area. Meagan did not start her career as a photographer, but as a family nurse practitioner. When her own children arrived, she discovered a natural talent in the photography arts. Meagan furthered this talent by educating herself about photography and taking several photography classes over the years. She brings a mother's perspective and an artistic eye to her photo sessions. She understands family dynamics - and this inspires her work.

Photo sessions are basically a play date with the family. Meagan establishes a relationship quickly with the family, especially the children, and allows for a warm-up period. Then the fun begins. Meagan becomes part of the two hour journey of photo-journaling the session, whether its held at a park, the beach, or in the gardens. What inspires Meagan the most is catching the little sparkles in a child's eyes, and the warm, heartfelt hugs between family members. Meagan's passion for photography is clear in her photographs -- and she hopes you will be inspired, too.